Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Gap - Part Thor

My First ... Cosplay?- Thor's Hammer (Mjölnir)

I was Thor for the theater awards banquet last spring, and we had a great time, but I just carried an old utility hammer around the whole evening, which was cool and all, but not super epic or anything.

So when I realized I would have the chance to be Thor again for halloween I started looking into hammers.

I considered the rubber-and-plush variety found in the toy department, cool but not epic.

I looked into buying a replica. WHEW! I will definitely not be doing any hardcore cosplay anytime soon. That stuff is EXPENSIVE!!!.

So I asked my dad. "Hey, do you think we could make Thor's hammer?"

So now we were scouring the internet and considering materials.

We decided to base our design off of Rex Krueger's at makeprojects.com

We used the cheap "this-wood-is-discounted-cuz-it-may-be-crap" wood from Menards.

2x4s - 36"
1/2" plywood - enough for two 4x6 pieces and two 10&1/2x6 pieces
One 1&1/2" dowell rod
One PVC pipe cap
finishing nails
All thread screw
wood glue
wood putty
brown vinyl (I just found a remnant at JoAnne's, you could also use leather, etc)
Metallic "hammered finish" spray paint
Regular Metallic spray paint

We basically followed Rex's design with the following modifications:

- We decided to nail the boards together instead of clamping each set individually. We figured we could putty over any holes and it would cut a couple days off our project.
- We decided to stabilize the handle with an all-thread screw
- We decided to wrap the handle instead of staining it.
- We spray painted the PVC cap instead of using acrylic paint.
- We used 1/2" board instead of 3/8" plywood
- We decided to add some details to the hammerhead via stencil and spray paint.

Day One: Cut and Paste

Dad's "Table Saw" ...  Maybe Santa will bring him a real one?

Safety First!

Computer for directions, inhaler for sawdust ... just in case

Glue and nail, glue and nail.

Can you have to much glue?

Kids at heart. The blocks and glue are just bigger.

End of day one, clamped shut!

Day Two - We get a handle on things, bevel-y speaking

Thor smiles on us! It rained!

Bevels at 45 degrees!

Alfie (The Mac) get's protected from the rain by my coat. 

Filling in the holes.

Handle wrapped in vynl.

End of Day Two!!

Day Three - Spray paint FTW

Hammerhead all sanded and painted

PVC Pipe Cap, also sanded and spray painted

Paint test for scrollwork

Metallic FTW!

End of Day Three!!!

Day Four - Avengers! Assemble!

completed scrollwork and mostly assembled

a little leather cord hot glued for aesthetics

This has bad internet meme written all over it.

Apparently dad is Loki ...?

I never thought of my father as evil.

Ready to save the world!

End of Day Four ... or shall we say Day Thor?

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